Doing Everything 'Right' and Still Feeling Sick? Has Feeling Bad Become Your New 'Normal'?

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About Me!

Hi, I’m Jeanette Padilla, founder of Avalon Functional Medicine Solutions. 

I’m a functional medicine health coach and nutritionist and I help clients heal naturally, live optimally and take back control of their health

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get Personalized answers to what's making you sick in 5 easy steps

  • Introduction

    Schedule your free 15-minute 1:1 introduction call with Jeanette or simply place your order

  • Test

    Your FIT Test kit arrives with complete easy-to-follow intrusctions, you prepare your sample and send it back in the postage-paid envelope provided

  • Analyse

    Your blood sample is shipped to the USA and is analysed using the highest quality standards and state of the art technology

  • Results

    Your Results and personalised Meal Plan are emailed to you. Schedule your free 30-Minute Results Session and receive access to the mobile app

  • Discuss

    Meet online using Zoom for your 30-Minute Results Session with Jeanette to discuss your results and action steps to ensure your long term continued success

  • Foods We Test

    Get the answers you've been looking for!

    We measure up to 176 foods, colorings, additives and offer a complete Gut Permeability panel with Candida and Zonulin testing.

    Find out which of these are causing inflammation and can be making you sick.

  • Patient Results

    Finally, answers to what foods are making you feel sick! Your results and meal plans are emailed to you with a link to set up your 30-Minute Results Session. This is key to set you up for success. 

    A team of nutritionists provide your personalized 7-Day Meal Plan based on your FIT Test results.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Long term success requires on going support.

    Jeanette's 1:1 coaching, programs and signature system give you the tools and much needed support to take back your health, with a completely personalized wellness plan and symptom-prevention road map.  

    Let's get started. Book in for your free 15-Minute Strategy Session here: Click here