Winter Wellness Anti-Inflammatory Workshop

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Lacking energy, feeling tired all the time, bloated, experiencing weight gain or aches and pains? Why wait till Spring when Winter is the perfect time to go inward and start the shift to stop symptoms like bloating, no energy, weight gain, brain fog, and aches and pains

Symptoms like these are your body's way of letting you know you’re out of balance.

The Cause: Inflammation - the biggest cause of disease and the nasty symptoms people often accept as ‘normal.’

The Solution: Winter Wellness Body/Brain Reset

Using functional nutrition, mind-body medicine & positive psychology (plus more!), you will be guided to let go of the old, embrace new more empowering ways, & love how good you can feel again.

Join the 6-week program to get your life back in balance and feel better fast. It all starts with great health.