FIT 176 Food Inflammation Test

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Has feeling bad become your new ‘normal?’

People are often confused by what could be causing the myriad of symptoms they’re experiencing. It turns out that up to 80% of all disease is linked to chronic inflammation in the body, much of which is caused by the foods we eat. The elimination of food-related inflammation, the major key to greater health and wellness, is made easy by the FIT Test. If you’re like most people, you eat three or more times per day, so it is imperative to identify which of these foods are causing inflammation in your body!

The great thing is, it’s easy for you to be on your way to a greater level of health and the alleviation of your symptoms. Using the Food Inflammation Test (the FIT Test), you'll receive personalised results telling you the foods you should avoid, leading you to live a healthier life. The FIT Test is a powerful blood test that uses a simple pinprick to the finger so it can easily be done at home or in your office. Simply send in your test sample and within 2-3 weeks, your test results are ready, setting the course for your new healthy, happy life.