About Me

Hi, I’m Jeanette Padilla, founder of Avalon Functional Medicine
I’m a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Nutritionist and Neuro Transformation Therapy Practitioner. I help clients heal naturally, live optimally and take back control of their health.
I spent the beginning of my career in research and development labs working as a chemist, formulating cosmetics, household, personal care products and supplements for some of the world’s most successful brands spending decades in the chemical industry, both formulating and marketing the ingredients used in these products.
Not all of the chemicals I dealt with were harmful but it gave me a unique perspective on just how prevalent chemicals are as well as the impact they can have on us. I made a conscious choice to leave the industry and follow my passion for wellness
I spent decades working out my own health and mood concerns because I knew there had to be more health and happiness than what I was experiencing.  I knew deep down inside that it is our birthright to feel amazing. The body wants to be in balance. When it’s not, we need to keep looking to discover the root cause and get the body back in balance.
These experiences showed me first-hand why detoxifying our bodies, our minds, our homes and our environments is essential to reclaiming our health whether it’s from a serious health condition or to achieve that next level of optimum health
Many clients have no idea what’s actually causing their symptoms or how good they can actually feel. Using a functional medicine root cause approach, I love helping clients take back control of their health and reclaim the more youthful vitality they thought was a thing of the past.
I feel honored to have helped hundreds of people get great results reclaiming their energy, letting go of their relentless and debilitating symptoms and finally feel good again.
Whatever brought you here, I’m glad you’re here.  Helping clients heal naturally by ridding the body of inflammation and toxins and optimize their health using personalized medicine and a personalized approach is one of my greatest joys because there is no one size fits all.
If you’d like to learn more, click the complimentary consultation button below and I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you take back control of your health.
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